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Wings of The Spirit Missions is a nonprofit, aviation, disaster relief organization. We mobilize to serve those in affected areas with faith based humanitarian efforts utilizing goods distribution and volunteered manpower.


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Ongoing monthly support allows the team to be able to plan and budget for many missions to come.

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With mission aviation at the core we will serve those affected by natural disasters through faith based humanitarian efforts.

  1. The team has made it to the west coast of Mexico and the mission is progressing flawlessly. 

  2. Gerald and Daniel take off headed to McAllen, TX. They will head into Mexico Friday February 6th.

  3. Mark Hunter with The Advocate interviewed the WOTS team prior to setting out on the mission.

  4. Here we have compiled 64 images from our launch party as we made a final push to raise money for the trip.

  5. A brief video update of whats been going on....

  6. Filming for the documentary has started! Daniel Waghorne, the videographer, is filming a planning session with Gerald Huggins, the pilot for the documentary, and WOTS Treasurer, Tim Dixon.

Pray With Us

Safety and health for the missionaries
Wisdom in decision making and pilotage
Peace for the families of the missionaries
Favor with authorities at all border crossings
A great harvest of souls for the kingdom

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